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Living Life

Quality of Life

We understand that moving into a care home may not always be an easy decision to make. We aim to ensure that the older people living in our homes have the best quality of life, where they are safe and can regain their independence, have a sense of identity and belonging and are supported to live better lives.

The wellbeing of our residents is our top priority and we will work together to enable them to live the life that makes them happy and fulfilled. Our residents are free to continue living their life and dong what is important to them.

Daily Living

Day to day life is about older people’s choice. Our residents are encouraged to participate in hobbies and interests that they have always enjoyed. They are able to choose these activities and when they would like to do them. In essence, we support our residents to carry on enjoying the everyday routines that are at the heart of every home.

Activity and meaningful occupation is the responsibility of everyone. From spontaneous moments of fun and interaction, to supporting individuals to do their own cleaning, gardening or having a cup of tea and sharing a crossword, our care teams are at hand to empower individuals in all aspects of their daily lives. Tea and Cake

Keeping you Active and Independent

There is an Occupational Therapist referral service available across the homes which can provide support and advise on activities of daily living should this be required. Our Occupational Therapist is able to carry out assessments on individual abilities and environments and then advise on equipment, aids, adaptations or strategies to help improve or maintain independence in everyday activities.

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