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Living Life

Care Needs


Our purpose is to create communities that enhance quality of life. Building positive relationships across the home ensures that residents, families and care teams are empowered to come together and contribute collectively to the everyday decisions that are important to them. Fostering a sense of community enables shared notions to develop through feelings of belonging, shared influence, emotional connection and integration. Our communities are friendly and welcoming where individuals are happy, at ease and enjoy living their lives.

Not only are each of our nine care homes a community in their own right, but there is also a wider inter home community across the group. Experiences and activities are often shared, all of which provide the opportunity to make new friends whilst enjoying the company of others.

Wider Engagement

We recognise the importance of maintaining and also creating new links with the wider community. Residents enjoy days out to visit their families and friends in their own homes. In return our doors are always open to relatives and friends who often join us in daily activities or for a relaxing cup of tea.

Each care home plays an active role in engaging with their local community and this may involve the local schools or parishes, it may also involve local groups of interests. We enjoy getting to know our residents, listening to their stories and understanding what activities and hobbies they enjoy so that each day is tailored to the individual. 

Professional Engagement

The Summerhill Group is committed to both the professional development of the entire workforce as well as the company as a whole. Engagement with others within the sector is at the heart of driving standards within care. Sharing best practice and being open to learning opportunities is how we continue to push boundaries, strive for excellence and determine quality standards throughout the group.

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