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Care Needs

Care Needs

In the Summerhill Care Homes we provide relationship centred care which means we foster good communication with all staff and residents. We build good relationships with all our older people by talking and finding out about their lives and building a pen picture of who the person is and their special interests, likes and dislikes.

The Summerhill care homes provide a focus of care that is person centred. We engage with our residents in a unique way and truly find out all the aspects of life that is important to each individual older person and their families.

Summerhill Care Homes provides safe, effective, caring and personalised care and support, delivered by competent, trained, knowledgeable staff who have empathy and compassion for working with older people and for seeing each person as an individual.

We foster, a relationship centred way of working. Our philosophy is based on the six sense framework, not only for the older people at our care homes, but for the staff at the Summerhill Group. The six senses that we believe are crucial in our care team are: security, continuity, belonging, purpose, achievement, and significance. This relationship centred approach allows us to work together collaboratively.


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