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Living Life

Care Needs

Residential Care

Our residential facilities are catered for predominately at Willow House Care Home where we focus on maintaining life style and independence. We encourage older people to carry on living which enables older people to sustain and build new friendships within Willow House and outside in the community. Older people continue to feel supported at Willow House and continue to enjoy the hobbies and interests they have always enjoyed, as well as being offered the choice to get involved in new opportunities and experiences within the local community.


Nursing Care

The Summerhill Care Homes have full 24 hour nursing care. Nursing care is fully assessed using care plans which assess, plan, implement and evaluate individual needs. All our trained nurses have extensive experience and receive current updating and continuous professional development. This allows staff to deliver excellent person centred care that is evidence based. There are modern facilities in our homes with high standards of nursing care with 21st century state of the art equipment. In addition, we work as part of a multidisciplinary team of doctors, community nurses, practice nurses, social workers, dieticians, physiotherapists and occupational therapists.

Nursing care is delivered using a person centred approach which demonstrates the uniqueness of the person. The care plan is specific to each older persons needs, preferences and choices. We consider the fundamentals of care needs which include essential physical health care needs. All care is delivered with the most respect and confidentiality.


Dementia Care

Our aim is to deliver care that is excellent for older people with Dementia. We acknowledge that moving into a care home can be a difficult decision for someone, and for relatives and friends of those who are caring for an older person with Dementia. We aim to provide person centred care as well as to maintain quality of life, so that we are responding to the older persons needs with dignity and respect as well as enabling personal choices.

We have real home like Dementia settings where older people can engage in their daily life activities. Our philosophy of relationship centred care is paramount to the approach taken in personalised care. We build collaborative relationship with older people and their families to develop the plan of care. We build up an in depth understanding of "Who am I" so that the older person can carry on living and enjoy living life as they want to. We develop a tailed plan of care so that we can build a profile to meet the daily needs. We have an Occupational Therapist referral service within the group who also support everyday living so that older people can remain as independent with their activities of daily living.

Short Stay

Short-stay care is often called "respite care". It means someone can stay in one of our homes - whether they need residential, nursing or dementia care - for shorter periods of time: days or weeks, rather than months.



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