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The Summerhill Group is the umbrella name for; F.C Panteg Limited, F.C Summerhill NH Ltd, F.C Millheath Ltd; Clearwater Care (Leadon Court) Limited and Forge Care Homes Limited.

The company first registered as F.C Panteg Limited in 2001 with the acquisition of Panteg Nursing Home. Under the strong leadership of the company Directors, it began to grow at a steady pace and this was followed by the acquisition of Millheath Nursing Home (2003), Summerhill Nursing Home (2004), New Inn Nursing Home (2004) and St Catherine’s Nursing Home (2007). The numerous care homes lead to the formation of the umbrella name, the Summerhill Group which has been adopted across all of the care homes. This provided a company identity and a sense of unity overarching all aspects of the business. The Summerhill Group has continued its growth with the further procurement of Leadon Court Nursing Home (2007), Willow House Care Home (2008), the Forge Care Home (2010) and Rowan House Nursing Home (2014).

With a successful business model in place, the company Directors have been able to draw on their previous experience as finance and business professionals to ensure the viability and financial security of the Summerhill Group. Financial variances within the care sector can often provide challenges, but the Directors strive to ensure that care provision is sustained at a high standard. This is supported through the location of the care homes which are centred in South East Wales. Such close geographical proximity allows for shared resources and support to be readily available and accessed across the group.

We have in excess of 500 members of staff (as at March 2015), and future direction is focussed on further growth and development within South East Wales. The Summerhill Group will continue to build within the current business model and continue to build relationships and work closely with local authorities, local government and other stakeholders.